amp it up

When your goal is clear, confident communication. 

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      • One Hour Personal Coaching Call with Joan
      • Zoom recording of the coaching Call
      • Three indispensable guides:
        • 3 Part Workshop Delivery Checklist
        • 5 Great Virtual Icebreakers
        • 10 Tips for delivering Killer Virtual Presentations
      • Copy of my Book: Gutsy Tales Off the Rails: Living Life Out Loud.

Turn Heads & Win Hearts 

Maximize Engagement with Confident, Clear & Compelling Communications

Every conversation is a performance whether you are walking into a job interview, pitching a new client or speaking up in a meeting.

Being able to confidently convey what you want to say commands attention, builds trust and is a bridge to great communication in any venue.

      • Need help with that tough conversation?
      • Working on your business storytelling skills?
      • Too caught up in the details of your presentation that the essence of your message is lost?

Let’s work together on your presentation, pitch or program in our time together to confidently up your game.

“My company hired Joan to help us create a presentation for a new client. Joan brought insight, direction and a thorough plan. We closed our largest client yet.”

Clay Hamner



You’ll get my workshop delivery checklist which will offer you guidelines for: before the workshop, during the workshop and after the workshop.


You will get my five great virtual icebreakers.  Bring your zoom attendees into the present moment with these five great ways to engage and energize your audience.


You will get my ten top tips to stand out on zoom.  Set the stage to confidently manage your virtual components before the call occurs. Understand what your audience needs to succeed while on the call.


You will get a FREE copy of my new book:  Gutsy Tales Off The Rails:  Living Life Out Loud.  This book features nine speakers (including me!) performing live with their raw tales of courage . . . with a twist.

It usually takes me three weeks to put together a really good impromptu presentation.”  ~ Mark Twain

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Just $197*

*Offer valid for a one-time purchase only. 

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